Onlive Clock: Christmas Countdown

Find out how many days are left until Christmas



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Onlive Clock: Christmas Countdown is a simple online tool that lets you see how many days there are until Christmas and enjoy the wait a little bit more with some of its extra included apps.

Specifically, in the menu at the bottom of the screen you have access to different radio stations that only play Christmas music, one tab dedicated to online Christmas-themed games, and a third tab that includes a weather widget, Christmas lights calculator, and random interesting information about this widely celebrated holiday.

In terms of the countdown clock itself, it can be fully customized from the app's settings. For example, you can change the background or the type of lights on the screen, add snow effects, and even add background music that randomly plays whenever you want.

Now you can really get in the Christmas spirit and decorate your work or home computer with this fun online tool.
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